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With more than 10 years of experience, LiquidFeedback is an international benchmark for proposal development and decision making in medium and large groups.

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LiquidFeedback running on an mobile phone


Modern platform
with strong principles

We have combined four strong principles into one platform to unleash the full potential of the participants.

LiquidFeedback running on an mobile phone

Transparent process

LiquidFeedback's integrated proposal development and decision making process guarantees full transparency and accountability.


Collective moderation

Equal rights for all participants while ensuring that noisy minorities won't harm the discussion process—without the need for a moderator.


Power delegation

Scalability through the division of labor: Participate in issues you are interested in and give your voice to somebody for everything else.


Preferential aggregation

LiquidFeedback doesn't ask predefined questions. It encourages to develop alternatives and express true preferences.

Wide range of supported scenarios

LiquidFeedback has been optimized for a wide range of scenarios and can be easily configured for your context.


Unleash the creativity of employees, involve them
in organizational and development decisions.


Caucus negotiations among committee members
and empowerment of constituents.

Public administrations

Citizen participation for co-creation, deliberation, and restoring public trust.


Empowerment of members through participation
or full democratic self-governance.


Democratic self-organization for cooperatives
and employee owned companies.

Social movements

Collective agenda setting and responsive
decision-making structures.


LiquidFeedback adjusts
to your environment

From the beginning, we designed and coded LiquidFeedback to be extensible, maintainable, interoperable, and portable.

LiquidFeedback running on an mobile phone


LiquidFeedback accommodates your business rules and procedures by configuration. You don't need to change the code to adapt it to your organizational requirements.


LiquidFeedback allows you to reflect changes in your environment by updating the configuration. Your data will be migrated automatically with each update.


LiquidFeedback integrates with your existing IT and can be connected to Active Directory, LDAP or OAuth2. You can use it from almost any device that supports a web browser.


There is no vendor lock-in: The data is stored in a SQL database, so you can transfer the data to third-party applications or use it in scripts for additional functionality.

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