Full feature list

To enable a fair process for deliberation and decision making, LiquidFeedback always provides the following basic features:

  • Full transparency
  • Collective moderation
  • Minority protection
  • Troll resistance
  • Restriction of noisy minorities
  • Liquid Democracy (vote delegation, transitive proxy voting)
  • Preferential voting
  • Individual and different levels of bindingness of results
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Runs in web browser (no software installation for users)
  • Platform independent Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Cloud installation ready

Optional Features

To limit the complexity for users, LiquidFeedback has only the basic features enabled by default. But certain contexts require more advanced solutions. For that reason, LiquidFeedback already includes a variety of optional features which can be enabled if needed.

  • Organizational units for chapters, subdivisions, working groups, and boards
  • Multiple subject areas per organizational unit
  • Vote delegation per organizational unit, subject area and issue
  • Image attachments for initiatives (proposals)
  • Detailed user privilege control (right of initiative, voting rights)
  • Different voting weight per user (e.g. shares)
  • Token-based voting (blockchain)
  • Role accounts
  • Polling mode
  • Corporate identity support (colors, logo)
  • Publication access for non-users (with finely-graded privacy settings)
  • User self-registration with individual forms
  • An automatic or manual accreditation process
  • User administration frontend for accreditation workflows
  • Single Sign-On with external subscriber databases (digital member IDs)
  • Full data access for automation procedures
  • OAuth 2.0 server and client support
  • Managing users with LDAP
  • Activity logging to third party systems
  • Map integration
  • Ontology integration

Further Information about LiquidFeedback

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