Installation and Costs

You can run your own LiquidFeedback platform. We're here to support you in setting up LiquidFeedback on a dedicated server, in the cloud, or as an ASP/SaaS solution. You always have full control over your data.

Consulting and Training

LiquidFeedback comes with a host of configuration options that allow you to customize the software for almost every use case. Our experts are here to advise you on how to plan your system according to your needs, how to ensure a smooth rollout, and (where applicable) how to synchronize the software with already established processes (real-world integration). 

The LiquidFeedback team has extensive experience in engagement planning. We provide comprehensive support in connecting LiquidFeedback to an existing subscriber database using digital member IDs, setting up self-registration, or enabling invitation access.

We're also happy to provide talks, lectures, and workshops, involving your team with hands-on experience of using LiquidFeedback. We're happy to help organizations in whichever way possible. 

Installation and Maintenance

Our installation process includes setting LiquidFeedback up, including a handover briefing. Prices start from EUR 4760, including VAT.

Our maintenance service includes the installation of LiquidFeedback updates, email, and phone support. Prices start from monthly EUR 536, including VAT.

Discounts and Pro Bono

We take pride in supporting the common good, and offer special arrangements for small organizations. Please contact us to find out if your project qualifies.

We also support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, and have reserved limited resources for highly discounted, or pro bono, activities in the Global South.

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