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LiquidFeedback is free

LiquidFeedback is an open-source software, powering internet platforms for proposition development and decision making. It is designed for the democratic self-organization of large scale groups. Without moderator interference, it facilitates an integrated deliberation process to determine the viable voting options and a cutting edge preferential voting. It is currently used by political parties, associations, corporations and for civic participation.

How to get LiquidFeedback

Organizations can run their own LiquidFeedback platform. We support you in setting up your own LiquidFeedback on a dedicated server or as a cloud solution. We support your administrators or do the entire administration. Our support comes with unmatched flexibility, virtually ranging from “Do It Yourself” to “Full Service”.


LiquidFeedback comes with a bunch of configuration options allowing to customize it for almost every use case. We advise you in planning your system according to your needs, on how to ensure a smooth rollout and - where applicable - synchronization with already established processes (real world integration). In civic participation we provide extensive experience for engagement planning. We support you in connecting LiquidFeedback to an existing subscriber database using digital member IDs or set up a self-registration accreditation or by invitation access.


We help you involve your people and provide talks, lectures, workshops. This can be combined with hands on experience of using LiquidFeedback. Please contact us and we will be happy to help.



Setup on your dedicated server or cloud service and handover briefing from € 2380.

Maintenance and Support

LiquidFeedback updates, email and phone support from monthly € 714.

All prices above include VAT.

Workshop and test drive

LiquidFeedback workshop and test drive on our servers for a trial period of one month.

Workshops can be customized to your needs and focus on the challenges you face. We suggest to include an online Q&A session after two weeks and an online wrap up session at the end of the test drive. We will be happy to discuss the details.

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